Slate Tiled Roofing Sheets

We have 3 styles of readymade fibreglass slate tile roofing sheets available. Our original rustic Spanish slate tiled roofing sheets with each tile at 200mm x 200mm. The Brazilian slate is a neater, flatter looking tile at 150mm x 200mm. Also offering a smooth slate tile roofing sheet (in fibre cement style) for those wanting a less rustic finish for their project.

Our fibreglass (GRP) roofing sheets are made to order in the size & colour you require. A fibreglass roof will last six times as long as a felt roof with a life expectancy of 40 years. The panels are quick & easy to install making this system roofing ideal for the DIYer or trade professional. 2 people could cover 30m2 within 2-3 hours.

Slate tile roofing sheets are ideal for barns, conservatories, garden buildings, house extensions, lean to’s or can be used as hanging slate on vertical surfaces as a form of cladding. We can also make matching ridge caps,trims & hip covers.