Roofing in GRP

Shapes Grp is Cornwall’s leading GRP flat roofing specialist and was one of the first companies in Cornwall to install this revolutionary system.

No more replacing your old roof every ten years – flat roofing in fibreglass is a tough, durable alternative that could save you an awful lot of money. A properly laid GRP ( Glass Reinforced Plastic ) roof will last for a minimum of 30 years with no measurable deterioration.

Using high quality polyester resins, the GRP flat roof is constructed in-situ on new timber decking or other suitable substrates. It incorporates specially designed and manufactured edge trims and is finished with a high performance coloured polyester topcoat.

Flexible, very strong and covering the complete roof, this monolithic construction means that the roof has NO JOINTS OR SEAMS. It is acknowledged that most water penetration problems are with systems using joints and seams.

Once installed, our GRP Roof Systems will give the ultimate in trouble-free weatherproof service for over decades. The cost benefits of such a long life system, together with the associated potential increase in property resale values, is obvious.

Now, using resins especially modified  for flat roofing, GRP can solve all the problems that you can get using traditional roofing methods replacing felt, lead or roofing tiles with the GRP system.  Shapes Grp can offer consultancy advice to the construction industry, architects or general households.

Shapes Grp have developed an alternative roofing system for our trade and DIY customers. Readymade fibreglass roofing sheets available in flat, ribbed or slate tiled effect finish.

Fibreglass (Grp) Spanish Slate Tiled Roofing


Conservatory Roofing Project

We decided that a GRP roof was the way forward – the roofing sheets offered by SHAPES GRP provided an affordable option that I could fit myself and which would dramatically improve the aesthetics of the structure.