Ribbed Roofing Sheets

Beat the weather conditions with our readymade ribbed fibreglass roofing sheets, the ultimate new flat roofing solution. We have developed a kit designed for the trade professional and a special kit for the DIYer with free telephone consultation option. Sheets can be made to order in the size you require. A maximum size of 8.8 square meters and sheets are available in 600 or 900 csm (chopped strand mat) and rolled up for easy transportation.

They are quick fitting therefore you save hours on site, If it looks like it might rain you can quickly gaffa tape the joints then come back another day. You don’t have to worry about your materials going off too quickly if it is too hot like you would doing a traditional lay up method.

You don’t have to carry so much resin in your van, Just unroll sheets directly onto deck & butt your sheets together then fibreglass the joint with 600csm. The ribbed effect makes uneven surfaces look flatter. Ideal for house extensions, garages, lean to’s, porches or conservatories.