Insulated Grp Slate Tile Conservatory Roofing Panels

Replace your existing polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof with our fibreglass (grp) slate tile insulated roofing panels. Our panels are made to measure to suit your conservatory & easy to install. You simply slide out the old glass or polycarbonate panel and replace with our readymade insulated sheet.

Our slate tile roofing panels are aesthetically pleasing as well as reducing heat build up in the summer. They will also keep your conservatory warmer in the winter improving the energy efficiency of your property as well as dramatically reducing noice from the rain. We can make your panels in either Spanish or Brazilian style slate tiles. Spanish tiles are square at 200mm x 200mm & Brazilian are rectangular at 200mm x 150mm.

Our roofing panels are priced @ £140 + vat per m²