VW T6 Bullnose Roof Fitted & Looking Wonderful.

Our customer has just sent us these photo’s of his completed Lwb T6 van conversion and what a fantastic finish. Dub Daddy Campers in Suffolk have done a wonderful job spraying and fitting the bullnose roof … Continue reading

Renault Traffic Campervan With A New Grp High Top Roof

Renault Traffic / Vauxhall Vivaro /  Nissan Primastar fibreglass (Grp) campervan high top roofs made to order in the colour of your choice. We can also reinforce areas to your specification to suit your conversion project … Continue reading

Swb T5 Vw Grp High Top Roof Fitted

  We delivered this new fibreglass roof direct to our customer one sunny afternoon and the next day we received an email from him with these photos attached. He said ” Roof on and finished. It … Continue reading

Bespoke Epoxy Resin Wooden Table

     Our beautiful epoxy  wooden table is now finished. We were lucky enough to purchase this huge slab of Elm which Neil has transformed into this unique doing room table. The industrial style handmade … Continue reading

VW T5 High Top Fitted On Mercedes Sprinter

    This customer wanted to create a sleeping pod on his Mercedes sprinter van and purchased a Lwb T5 high top roof from us which worked a treat. We manufacture our fibreglass high top roofs … Continue reading

Car Port Lean To With Fibreglass (Grp) Brazilian Slate Tile Roof

This customer ordered our Fibreglass (Grp) Brazilian slate tile roofing sheets to cover his new lean to style car port roof. He chose the Brazilian style to match his existing traditional slate tiled roof on his house and it’s hard … Continue reading

Canopies Made To Order In Fibreglass (Grp)

   We manufacture our fibreglass canopies to look great and to last. A door canopy will give all year round weather protection as well as offering a welcoming entrance to your building.  Property developers are choosing our canopies … Continue reading

Grp / Fibreglass Slate tiled Conservatory Roof

This Cornish cottage looks great with the conservatory roof installed using our fibreglass Spanish slate tile roofing sheets. We manufactured the roofing panels and supplied them at the size our customer required. Creating a solid roof … Continue reading

Fibreglass Spanish Slate Tile Boat Roof In The Southern Scottish Highlands

We manufactured the Grp slate tile roofing sheets for this customer who has created a very unique roof on his outbuilding in the Southern Scottish Islands. He has sent us these photos to show how he … Continue reading

Garden Office With a Fibreglass (Grp) Slate Tile Roof In The Peak District

We manufactured & delivered the readymade fibreglass Spanish slate tile roofing sheets with a bespoke matching slate tile ridge cap to our customer in The Peak District. He sent us these photo’s thanking us saying that … Continue reading

Grp Spanish Slate Tile Roofing Sheets Installed On Farm Stables & Outbuildings

We manufactured over 300m² of Fibreglass Spanish slate tile roofing sheets with bespoke Grp ridge caps for Chambers Building & Decorating Ltd based in Honiton. Their customer wanted to replace the corrugated galvanised roofing on … Continue reading

A Stylish T4 Conversion With A New High Top Roof

These photo’s were sent by our customer who tells us he is more than happy with his new roof. He said his van looks perfect with it and he would definitely recommend us to anyone. We manufactured … Continue reading

Vw T5 With New High Top Roof Fitted & Looking Fabulous

Our customer sent us these photos of their new fibreglass (grp) roof fitted to their Swb T5. They purchased a white high top roof from us then sprayed it themselves to match their van. They tell … Continue reading

Our New Shapes Grp Swb T4 High Top Roof Looks Great In Black.

This customer chose to have a black high top roof on his silver Swb T4 veedub van. A fibreglass high top roof is perfect for adding extra storage space and creating permanent extra sleeping space.  

T25 High Top Roofs Now Available For Your Conversion Project.

We are now manufacturing fibreglass (Grp) high top roofs for your T25 van conversion project. This style adds an extra 0.76m to the height of your van which will enable you to create extra headroom and permanent sleeping space … Continue reading

Solid Roof Conservatory Using Grp Slate Tile Roofing Panels

Speedy Conservatories in West Sussex purchased our readymade fibreglass slate tile roofing panels for the solid roof on this conservatory. Our roofing sheets are made to order, just provide us with a drawing with sizes & we … Continue reading

Lwb Vw T5 High Top Roof Fitted And Looking Great

Our customer ordered a Grp high top roof for his Lwb Volkwagen T5. We made it in white & delivered it to Colebrook Transporters in Plymouth who sprayed it silver and completed the conversion.

New High Top Roof Style Now Available For Lwb Vw T4’s

This is our new style fibreglass high top roof available for both Lwb & Swb T4 veedub vans. Shapes Grp are fibreglass specialists with over 30 years of experience and make high quality fibreglass products … Continue reading

New style Grp High Top Roof Now Available For Swb VW T4

We now have 3 styles of fibreglass high top roofs to choose from for your Swb T4 van conversion. This style maximises on creating extra space adding an extra 600mm in height which is perfect … Continue reading

Grp Warm Roof System Using Readymade Ribbed Roofing Sheets

We manufactured the fibreglass (Grp) ribbed roofing sheets and installed the warm roof system for this customer. Our customers were very happy with the completed roof which looked fantastic on the contemporary dwelling which was nestled … Continue reading

Grp Slate Tiled Conservatory Roof

This customer ordered our Fibreglass Spanish slate tile roofing panels with hips for his conservatory roof. He sent us these photo’s the next day showing his conservatory before and after. He was very pleased with how quickly … Continue reading

Spanish Slate Tile Roofing Sheets Look Amazing On This Red Brick House.

We made 3 Grp slate tile effect roofing panels for this customer who has sent us these photos of his finished roof near Exeter. This is such a good job that its hard to spot … Continue reading

Indian Blue Lwb T4 Fitted With Grp High Top Roof

We were supplied the ral number to colour match this high top to this Vw T4. We made and delivered the Indian blue high top roof to Colebrook Transporters in Plymouth to be fitted. Our customer … Continue reading

Vw T5 Lwb High Top Roof Is Now Available To Order

Our Lwb T5 fibreglass high top roof is now in production, made to order to your specification in the colour of our choice.  Complete your dream van conversion by adding extra headspace, permanent extra sleeping … Continue reading

Garden Den With Grp Spanish Slate Tile Roof

Our customer has sent us these photos of her completed garden den restoration project for which we supplied 8 large triangular fibreglass Spanish slate tile roofing panels.

Swb T5 High Top Roof Now In Production

We now have a short wheel base T5 high top roof in fibreglass (grp) to add to our collection of high top roofs available. Complete your volkswagon conversion project by adding storage & head room as well as … Continue reading

Swb T4 With New High Top Roof Fitted

We have been sent these photos from our customer in Dorset who tells us that he’s very happy with his new van roof, he says it has been a great improvement  for the van especially with … Continue reading

Readymade Fibreglass Flat Roofing Sheet Kits

We supply our fibreglass flat roofing sheets in a kit form to Kristian from K L P Roofing Contractors. Covering Kent & London he can be contacted on 07514263712 or via email at He has sent us these photos of the … Continue reading

Lean To Roof Repaired Using Fibreglass Spanish slate Tile Roofing Sheets

We delivered the fibreglass Spanish slate tile roofing panels to our customer in Wales for this small lean style conservatory roof.

Fibreglass Spanish Slate Tiled Roofing Panels Used For Bay Windows

This customer ordered the Spanish slate tile roofing panels for the bay windows on his bungalow. He was very happy with his finished project.